1. A professional florist picks flowers from the market

      We get up early to buy the freshest, most beautiful flowers from the auction and flower markets daily.  We post pictures of the morning’s haul on our website, with stem count per bunch, length, and price.


      Decide to make today awesome! Go to our website and check out the shop for freshly available flowers and place your order. It’s that easy.

    3. The bunch is delivered by end of day

      Orders placed by 2pm on weekdays are delivered the same day, making you the home/office hero! (Psst: The shop is closed on weekends.)

How can I make this a regular thing?

Set up daily/weekly/monthly delivery by calling us at: 416.486.4343

What are your delivery times?

Orders placed before 2pm will come same day. Orders after 2pm will be first on our route the next day!

Can I buy directly off the truck?

When the truck is parked, you can buy flowers directly from it like an ice-cream truck! Bring your friends to smell our roses when we arrive at your place.

How do I give you special instructions?

Planning a surprise? Out for lunch? Parking advice? When you order, make sure to fill in the “special instructions” field, and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

What’s the name Qt all about?

“Q” stands for Quince Flowers, our parent company and “t” stands for truck. Colloquially when we talk about something “on the Qt” we mean it’s a bit of a secret for those in the know, and if you say it fast you get a homophone “cutie”, which is, well, cute.

Glad you visited our site - check back Thursday and Friday for market bunches.