a dream

For 18 years Quince Flowers, our bricks and mortar shop on Queen Street East in Toronto has been a destination for flower lovers. We’ve done hundreds of weddings, thousands of restaurants, and oodles of arrangements. We know what flowers do for people, places and events, but throughout our tenure we’ve felt something missing.
Our founder, Rosemary lived overseas in her twenties. She returned to Toronto with a dream of recreating the vibrancy of the the streets of London, Paris and Dublin, where flower stalls were found in every neighbourhood.

“My advantage as a business owner has always been my ability to source and select the most beautiful flowers. I learned in those European market stalls. I have an artist’s eye, and the visual vocabulary to choose wonderful pairings and colour stories as I fill my truck at market. I want to share this advantage with more people, more immediately.”


an obstacle

Why couldn’t we have a flower market here? Our climate is the obvious obstacle. Also, the municipality seems dead-set against street vending. It only licences summer farmers’ markets and a few food trucks.


a plan

Rosemary hatched a plan to share what she loved most about the experience of shopping at those markets. She made a truck, built a website and geared up to act as your personal shopper. Now you get the thrill of choosing the best quality, freshest bunches on her website daily and having them delivered to you directly.


“Now I can focus on what I love best about my job: The flowers themselves.”




Glad you visited our site - check back Thursday and Friday for market bunches.